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NTEX Ltd. is the region's leading shipping and freight forwarding Company, specialising in direct services to Scandinavia, as well as mainland europe and air-freight/deep-sea shipments worldwide.

As our customer, you will have access to our experienced team who can guide you through the whole process. From initial booking to final delivery, we take care of everything - especially your cargo.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, to obtain a no-obligation quote or to make a booking - we look forward to hearing from you.

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The Ntex Quality Policy

We shall build our customers' confidence in our expertise and willingness to live up to their expectations. The quality of our business shall constitute a significant reason to choose us as a transporter, entrepreneur and stockist. Based on this, we shall:

  • Provide quick and accurate responses to all inquiries.
  • Maintain high quality before, during and after completion of an assignment.
  • Have a well trained, dedicated and competent staff.
  • Be quick, flexible, focused and provide frequent departures.
  • Understand the entire business process and thereby allow for well-executed assignments.
  • Comply with laws and regulations concerning transportation.

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The Scandinavian Logistics Guide

How to Get Cost Effective, Flexible Transport
To Sweden, Denmark, Norway & Finland

Our FREE guide to saving money and improving efficiency
when delivering goods from the UK to Scandinavia


Road Freight

NTEX provides transport and logistics solutions for all consignments, ranging from normal trailer movements to urgent express deliveries

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Air Freight

NTEX is knowledgeable in Air Freight transportation including dangerous goods

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Sea Freight

NTEX offers high quality, flexible sea freight solutions for both export and import shipments worldwide

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Through professional relationships with our warehousing subcontractors, we can handle transhipment, storage and re-delivery

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Lower Disruption Time with A Professional Denmark Shipping Company

Disruption and delays are the bugbear of any business that depends on exporting to Denmark. Even though the UK and Denmark are only a couple of hundred miles away as the crow flies, cross North Sea shipping can still be expensive.

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Wide Loads On UK Roads - What Is The Maximum Size/Weight Allowed?

Transporting wide loads on UK roads requires some advance planning and special permits. What constitutes a wide, or abnormal load? While most logistics standards are closely harmonised across the EU, road transport restrictions vary from country to country. Therefore, when transporting large, or unusually shaped goods, it is important to ...

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Transporting Goods To Finland - Are Overwidth Loads Allowed?

Transport to Finland invariably requires a stretch of the journey to be made by road, even if this is only a few miles from the port to its destination. The Finnish road network includes 48,568 miles of main roads, and 64,723 miles of subsidiary roads. This serves a country over 338,000 km² in ...

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How Importing From Norway Can Be Less Frustrating For Your Business…

Like hundreds of other UK businesses, your business may depend on importing from Norway.Many companies in the oil and gas sector find themselves in this position, as well as companies that depend on supplies of other Norwegian raw materials, such as timber. If so, efficient, affordable transport will ...

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