Norway is the ‘black sheep’ of the Scandinavian family, in virtue of it not being a member of the European Union. It rejected membership of the EU by referendum in 1994. However, Norway is part of both the EEA and the European Free Trade Area (EFTA), so there are no barriers or external tariffs applicable to UK businesses trading in Norway.

Demographic Information

Norway has a population of 5,136,700 people according to the latest census. Its capital city is Oslo, which is also a major shipping port. It uses the Norwegian Krone (NOK).

Access Ports

As a maritime nation with a long coastline, Norway has some excellent commercial shipping ports. These include Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Larvik, Alesund, Frederikstad, Salten and Orkanger.

Customs Charges

Norwegian Export Customs are included in our tariff rates

UK – Norway Exports

If an export T-Form is required separately, a cost of around £50.00 applies This does depend on the value of the goods. Customs Clearance in Norway is £40-00.

Norway – UK Imports

Export Clearance in Norway, when goods arrive through Sweden is £70-00 (This includes the T-Form that the goods transit through Sweden on) Customs Clearance in the UK is £45-00.


Imports of endangered plants and animals, including elephants, tigers, and wolves, along with some species of birds, crocodiles and snakes, are prohibited in Norway. There are also restrictions on the import of fireworks, potatoes, medicines and alcoholic drinks above 60% ABV. More information about exporting to Norway can by clicking here.

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