How it all began

NTEX was founded in 2003 in Gothenburg by 10 industry enthusiasts, all sharing a common vision: "To be a distinct Nordic transport alternative through high service levels and to be the customer's first choice by offering competitive, flexible and customised transport- and logistics solutions for land, sea and air"


With an average annual growth rate of 20% and maintained profitability, our current sales amount to well over GBP 100m/annum and we have offices in a multitude of locations. While we are very proud of the level of success we have had, we know that we have not reached this far by coincidence. We have worked hard to achieve our vision while still being able to have fun together with our customers along the way.


By proactively providing our customers with the solutions they need, we have challenged the industry and kept our existing customer base while continuously expanding it. Throughout our history, prospective clients have often approached us after experiencing a sense of anonymity in their relationships with our competitors. As a result, we have attracted a diverse customer base of companies of various sizes, representing industries such as energy, furniture, automotive and engineering.

Facing an exciting future, we will tirelessly continue our successful concept of challenging industry conventions together with our customers.

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