NTEX are on the offensive when it comes to the environment

We have drawn up the following preconditions for our business operation, not only to meet market demands for more environmentally friendly transport systems, but also to actually support sustainable development:

  • Our Transport Management team works pro-actively to reduce the total environmental impact both of the movement and of the goods being moved.
  • We shall prevent environmental contamination by making use of every opportunity to minimise the unnecessary movement of goods prior to shipment.
  • If on the odd occasion we have to sub-contract haulage services, we impose requirements that all vehicles shall be Euro 5 and that new vehicles are Euro 6.
  • We shall openly communicate our progress of our environmental work, both externally and internally in accordance with our policy.
  • Within the whole of our business operation, we are of the opinion that laws, regulations and EU directives only provide minimum control – our aim is to be better than the standards set by legislation.

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