capacity surcharge

It has been a very special year with the ravaging pandemic and Brexit that has led to major changes all over the world but perhaps especially in the UK.

We have now for a long time seen that it has become more difficult to find haulage capacity in the UK but also in other countries. This is mainly due to the lack of drivers. The British authorities have recently estimated that there is a shortage of about 100,000 drivers and that this shortcoming is mainly due to the fact that the foreign drivers have not chosen to stay in the UK due to Brexit and the Covid Pandemic.

The above has led to demand for haulage outstripping supply -  leading to sharp price increases. Rather than increasing our base prices at this time, we will be implementing a capacity surcharge to allow flexibility. We will introduce the capacity supplement on all transmissions in our UK traffic as of 12-07-2021.

The capacity supplement will amount to the following:

£0.80 per 100 kg with a minimum of £5.

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