Brexit Update - January 2021

Any consignment booked through ourselves from the 15th February 2021 will be subject to a £20 Brexit Surcharge.

As the UK has now left the EU on the 1st January 2021, commercial invoices are now required to all destinations for imports and exports to and from the United Kingdom and we will require a copy of this in the first instance in order to proceed with a shipment.

The commercial invoice will need to show the following information:

  • Commercial invoice number        
  • Exporter/seller address  & VAT number       
  • Consignee/buyer address  & VAT number plus contact information        
  • HS Code                                        
  • Item description          
  • Country of Origin 
  • Currency and value of goods 
  • Net and gross weight of goods                            

As you are aware, anyone importing and exporting outside of the UK will require a valid EORI number to proceed.

You can also find more information on what is required on the HMRC website www.hmrc.gov.uk.

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